Body Composition

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Measurement of your body composition is key when tracking changes after CrossFit, nutritional modifications, lifestyle change and other training programs.

Bod Pod Assessment Bod Pod Close-up Reviewing Bod Pod Results

BOD POD Test - $50

Your body fat mass and fat free mass are measured using the BOD POD® device. Resting metabolic rate is an optional component of every body composition test. This test and the consultation takes no more than 30 minutes. Repeat visits can track your progress.

  • Return after a personal program to see the changes in body composition for a reduced fee of $35!

Skinfold Calipers

Skinfold Assessment - $15

An alternative to the BOD POD® test is to obtain a skinfold test. This involves a trained assessor (faculty member) to measure the thickness of seven different areas of your body. The values are used to determine an estimate of your body fat.

  • The cost is $15 for 7-site skinfold.

Both tests are complemented well with a Resting Metabolic Rate test to determine how your training is modifying your rate of energy expenditure and what kind of fuels your body tends to use.

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