Cycling Motion and Bike Fitting

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ImageWe are pleased to offer a comprehensive cycling motion analysis and bike fitting to prevent injury or reduce musculoskeletal discomforts you may be having.  A whole-musculoskeletal system approach is used to correcting cycling motion for optimal performance and health. We can design training programs for new and experienced cyclists. Our cycling expert and team are recently published in Current Sports Medicine Reports on methods to reduce injury risk in cycling.

CompuTrainer TestingWhat we can tell you:

  • Asymmetries in your pedaling from right and left sides
  • Joint motion patterns during your cycling motion in 3 planes
  • Whether the bike settings are appropriate for your body and motion
  • Clinical interpretations and recommendations for reducing injury or repairing current injury will be provided.

ComputrainerTM Testing Services:
We can test whether you are generating equal power form right and left legs and how you perform in actual race course settings. This tells us how your motion and muscle activation changes with fatigue. See image at right for testing setup. We can analyze your pedal stroke to help you get the most power out of every stroke.
Our Testing:

  • Brief functional screen and physical history; 3D motion capture; adjustment of cycling gear based motion analysis, repeat 3D analysis to ensure that the modifications corrected the problem.
  • High speed video will be filmed during cycling from several views. A complete report of your joint kinematics will be generated.
  • A full report, consult and a flash drive with video copies of your cycling motions will be provided.
  • The price for this service is $250.

Sample motion analysis models and bike fitting adjustments are shown below:

Cortex Motion Capture Cycling Views   Cycling adjustment sagittal view

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Our hours generally are:

  • Monday - Friday
  • 8am - 5pm

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