Muscle Strength and Endurance Testing Services

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Muscle strength and endurance are two very different characteristics. Strength is the maximal weight load that you can lift once with good form. Muscle endurance is the ability of a muscle to maintain force production over time with minimal fatigue.  Some sports focus on strength (lifting, football and baseball), some on endurance (running, lacrosse, soccer and swimming) and others focus on both characteristics (Cross Fit). Measuring your muscle strength or endurance can help you determine if your training is helping you improve your muscle characteristics. Also, these measures can help us guide you in changing your exercise program safely.

Maximal Muscle Strength Testing - $40

If you are starting a strengthening exercise program and need guidance in setting up the machines to fit you, or if you want help in finding your maximal strength, this option is for you. We’ll find your maximal strength (your 1 repetition maximum "1RM") on several multi-joint exercise machines. Use these 1RM scores to safely set your appropriate training weights for your weight training programs. This is for young people (14-21 years) and adults (>21 years)!

Leg Extension

The following exercises are available for testing:

  • Leg press
  • Leg extension and Flexion
  • Chest press and Seated Row
  • Shoulder press
  • Lumbar extension

Muscle Endurance Testing - $40

Using the 1RM values above for any or all machines, a weight is selected that will be used for your endurance test. Endurance will be measured by the number of repetitions that can be performed in a specific duration. Your values will be compared to your own with a repeat test, or to determine whether the push-pull exercise pairs are similar in endurance.

  • We can customize!


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