Dr. Farmer presents research on how limited hip motion puts baseball pitchers at risk for elbow injury.

Dr. Kevin Farmer, MDDr Kevin Farmer, MD presented research at the 2014 meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons that a limited range of motion in a baseball pitcher’s hips could be a risk factor in the injury known as pitcher’s elbow.  "This could open up a whole new line of thought processes and research," Farmer said.

Drs. Heather and Kevin Vincent present at the Girls on the Run of Alachua County

Drs. Heather and Kevin Vincent presented at the Girls on the Run of Alachua County pre-race spaghetti dinner on February 15, 2014.  The dinner took place on the evening prior to the 5 Points of Life Marathon Race on February 16, 2014.  Dr. Kevin Vincent spoke on when is it safe to run or return to running after an injury.  Dr. Heather Vincent spoke on proper eating and nutritional habits for young athletes.


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